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Launch of Big Data Visualization Toolkit

Chantal Forster | October 23 2013

As consultants for Sandia National Labs, FosterMilo is proud to announce the release of the open-source toolkit called Slycat™,  a web-based data science analysis and visualization platform. Congratulations to the Cyber Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) team at Sandia Labs and to FosterMilo consultant, Alex Sielicki.

About Slycat™

Slycat™ is a web-based system for analysis of large, high-dimensional data. Slycat™ was developed to provide a collaborative platform for remote analysis of data ensembles.

The Slycat™ server integrates data management, scalable analysis, and visualization with commodity web clients using a multi-tiered hierarchy of data and model storage. Analysis inputs are pushed into Slycat™, where models are generated and analysis artifacts are stored in a project database. These artifacts are the basis for visualizations that are delivered to users’ desktops through ordinary web browsers.

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