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Keynote Talk at DOE Interlab

Chantal Forster | August 7 2013

There are few things more rewarding than a room full of brilliant practitioners. 

Such was the vibe at the Interlab Conference hosted by the Department of Energy where I was today's keynote speaker. There's little such a room wouldn't already know and so I focused on sharing tales from the trenches in managing largescale web implementations, organized into a straightforward methodology.

My 4 Point Plan for Managing Web Projects

  1. Start Strong 
  2. Embrace Data-Driven Design 
  3. Deliver Early & Often 
  4. Build In Ongoing Measurement 

Gary's Summary

Or, if sketchnotes are preferred, I give you this excellent summary by Gary Schroeder of the Brookhaven National Lab:

Sketch by Gary Schroeder of Brookhaven National Labs

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