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Don't Keep Up with Social Media

Chantal Forster | September 1 2009

Before you blow your entire budget on social media simply because it's this season's must-have fashion accessory, consider a sobering reality check:

"The return on investment for social media marketing is not an easy thing to determine. It’s not easy to measure. It’s not easy to argue. It’s not easy to prove."

"Social Media ROI? Traditional Is Still More Accepted." by Jason Fall

In light of the difficulty measuring success with social media, should you blow your budget on the Twitterati? How should you proceed with Facebook, Twitter and the like?

"The minute you stop trying to keep up, you open a far more exciting possibility: getting ahead with what matters to you, your team and your business. "

Alexandra Samuel

Alexandra Samuel from Social Signal offers a way out of the madness:


 [Hand-drawn Twitter icon by Janko at Warp Speed]


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