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7 Tips for Managing Web Projects

Chantal Forster | January 28 2012
7 Tips for Managing Web Projects

Train derailment, photo by Fred Jala

This month, I was invited to speak to the Information Architects group at the University of New Mexico. It's a seasoned group with plenty of experience on the web, so nothing seemed more appropriate than a seminar specifically about what works and what doesn't when it comes to managing web projects.

My approach melds the AGILE techniques I've practiced as a Certified ScrumMaster with pragmatic tactics developed when managing largescale web projects.

In short, my approach is this:

Create an interdisciplinary team (no more than 8-10).

Front-load success with a generous "discovery" phase.

Plan for stakeholder outreach.

Regularly deliver something.

Deconstruct and iterate design components.

Include stakeholders in testing.

Build evaluation and adjustment into the schedule.

Curious for more? View the full slide deck or flip through below.


Photo credit: Fred Jala


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