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4 Game-Changing Things in Govt IT

Chantal Forster | July 29 2009
4 Game-Changing Things in Govt IT

Vivek Kundra, America's CIO

America's new CIO is on fire.

Those of us in the trenches have long considered government IT behind the curve. Enter Vivek Kundra, and suddenly there's shockingly good sense emanating from the White House when it comes to technology.

Read the Wired interview with the country's new CIO, Vivek Kundra.

Of particular interest are four key items that will probably impact government IT practices throughout the country:

  • The Administration is switching from Microsoft apps to Google online apps. Learn more
  • The federal govt is using free open source products for its websites. Learn more
  • The govt is already and will be increasing its use of cloud computing, rather than hosting its own web servers and other IT infrastructure. Learn more
  • IT spending, frequently a black box filled with jargon, is now more transparent. Learn more

Kundra recently sat down to be interviewed about transparency in government technology. It's a great lunchtime watch.

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